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リミン (Rimin)


Sea bunny




she/her (Rimin)
he/him (Richy)



"A-ah! The boxes, they-- ... Oh. Those damn motherfuckers. They stole the boxes."

An overall strange "individual". Rimin proclaims herself as "everyone's favorite postman!" Acting kind, sweet and adorable most times! In reality, two persons are stuck in this body; making Rimin look like she's got a personality-related disorder, while in reality, it's one body for two merged souls. It's unknown how this ever happened, but in fact, Rimin and "Richy" are two different persons! This occurence causes Rimin to suddenly turn her whole behavior into Richy when he takes control, and he's way, way more violent than her. Due to almost everyone being unaware of Rimin's trouble, everyone just thinks she's crazy. Nonetheless, people appreciate more when Rimin fronts than when Richy does... A truly questionable "individual", really. Is in love with a mysterious Oarfish lady.


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