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リカイ (Rikai)




♂ (Male)





"Hee hee hee. Oh, can't you see the sad truth?~ At that time, I should've been the one in power."

The Prince of the Sea, the Prince of the Abyss. Known by everyone for his terrifyingly dark past and actions. Centuries ago, Rikai was denied becoming the God of the Sea, betrayed by his own brother who had once promised to share his power with him. In a complete burst of rage and madness, the Prince destroyed the world he should've ruled. They say that, sometimes, you may see both his eyes glow a scarlet red color. Blood from the royalty running in his veins, a rather untrustworthy grin on his face, not afraid to take ANYTHING to the extreme to get what he wants. Some who claims to have seen him before say he has a manical, ecstatic laugh. If he wants you dead, you'll die for sure. Has terrible anger issues. Hover over his portrait!


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