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オリキャラ/キャラクター • OC/Character

This is the character cast of ProjectParafer so far.
it will increase with time, and as it does, we will complete portraits
and pages of all characters. Characters with a specific
icon have a page, those with a "x" do not.
カレントキャラクターカウント: 121
コンプリートキャラクターページズ: 40
Characters are listed by series in which they appear, major or minor.

Mary's Shell of the Deep • メアリーのシェルオブザディープ

Night Light's Gravestone • 常夜灯墓石

Mini-game • ミニゲーム
➤ Characters who appeared/will appear in a short game.
(30min-2h30 gameplay)

Other • その他
➤ Characters who appear in no series as of currently,
or those whose series is still being written/decided.

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