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ABOUT • The authors of this website.

❖ パラフェル (Parafer)
Administrators: Lico & Ito (リコくん & イトさん)
Personal circle: プロジェクトパラフェル

Opening Date: 2020年5月5日 • リニューアル2021年12月28日

Website URL: https://www.projectparafer.com/

Tools: RPG Maker VX Ace/MV, GMS2 [Game] & クリスタ.

Bolded are the most commonly used softwares.

Hello, welcome to ProjectParafer's Website!
ProjectParafer is a group of projects created by Ito and Lico,
two artists and game developpers. For now, different games are in the works.
In the meantime, if you want to learn more about our works and characters,
You may check all of them in the character page.

NOTE: プロジェクトパラフェルの作品は主に英語と日本語で書かれています.
ます. プロジェクトパラフェルは、日本を拠点としているふりをしていません.
言語を使用します. 日本語、英語、フランス語のいずれでもかまいません.


Warning! Some works can be 15+ due to
instances of blood and/or gore, as well with some
suggestive jokes, suggestivity in general; or things as such.
Please be aware of this and thread carefully!

➤ The inspiration/referencing of ProjectParafer's
work with no credit providen is strictly forbidden.
We credit our inspirations... Why wouldn't you?
Inspiration and referencing are OK as long
as credit is providen. It's a logical fact!

We allow using of style for challenges (please include
credit), usage of art for AMV, edit, and fan artwork.
(SFW & NSFW are allowed. Let your creativity speak!)

The artwork can also be used as an icon, banner,
or SNS images with or without credit providen.
Just don't claim anything we own as yours!


(Thank you!)

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